Best Gun Safe for Under 800

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best gun safes for under $1500Responsible and safe firearm storage is vital. But with such varied selection of gun safes in the marketplace it could be hard to ascertain which model is appropriate for your own particular needs. Here are several of the characteristics that are worth contemplating for the first time owner that is safe:

Steel Strength

Even if your safe is heavy and huge, there isn’t any promise that is will protect the contents against a break in. At minimum, a gun safe should have 10-gauge steel resist most efforts to drill or cut and to give the required level of protection.

Dial or electronic lock

The dial locking mechanism is easily operated by entering the appropriate amounts, and requires minimal maintenance and stands up. However, the time is longing in relation to the version that is electronic. These types of locks, plus don’t automatically lock on closing the safe door.

However, such a mechanism has an increased danger of failure and needs routine replacement of the batteries.


The large gun safes have the possibility to weigh thousands of pounds. To minimize the danger of a burglar attempting to get rid of the safe with a moving dolly, the favorite mass for an empty unit is in the region of 750 pounds. For extra security, the majority of the best safes are made to be bolted to the wall or floor surface.

Fire Protection

A further rewarding attribute of the gun safe is the capability to resist fire to get some period of time. A best gun safe for under 800 has the possibility to reach 1000 Fahrenheit in less than ten minutes, which can certainly start melting the safe that is conventional. Most of the safes that have fire protection contain an extra layer of ceramic or sheetrock panels which help to keep the interior below a certain temperature for 4-6 hours.

Additional armor

A lot of the top- include extra armor just like the relocker that activates on an attempt to drill the safe and make it significantly tougher to get use of the contents that are safe. Additionally, a similar kind of protection characteristics is the steel plate that sits to protect against any attempt to drill the lock.

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