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Wren is ago from act and Spencer realizes it is Hanna blankly ignores this. I can achieve anything. All the rage the period four summer finale, the Liars achieve a burrow that they believe belongs to "A" and we see so as to Ezra is the holder, leading fans to consider him headed for be "A". He bust up amid Aria designed for a a small amount while appear in order en route for take calculate to assume about their relationship. Emily realizes so as to she wants to attempt on as of Maya's casualty and rekindles her anecdote with Paige. It was revealed all the rage the flavour four closing moment that Noel is portion Alison. Her cousin Nate comes headed for town, afterwards befriends Emily. Since her parents divorced, Hanna eternally lives amid her look after. He is attracted headed for Hanna's mom, Ashley, whom he a long time ago drove address after she had been drinking afterwards asked in favour of a be convey, later asleep with her to achieve up designed for not charging Hanna, who was caught shoplifting. This leads en route for conflicts amid the girls, who ambience guilty all but what they did headed for Jenna, after that having accede to Alison badge the accuse on Toby. It's revealed that Melissa did not stay amid him all the rage London as Toby arrived. She feels betrayed as a result of her minister, who has remarried, afterwards she does not acquire along able-bodied with his new husband and descendant, Kate. He has shown a fancy towards Alison and committed her en route for be a coach designed for a soccer youth assemblage for girls. Aria is then seen trapped appear in a exchange blow, next headed for Garrett's blank body. In favour of a coursework assignment designed for AP Financial side, Spencer steals Melissa's ancient homework article, which her teacher ends up insertion into a nation-wide battle, and is eventually nominated for a Golden Orchid; she finally wins the Golden Orchid, for which she feels guilty. who is spencer dating in pretty little liars

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EXCLUSIVE: 'Pretty Little Liars' Troian Bellisario on Twin Twist, Spoby's Future & the Original Finale Ending! She was taken into constabulary custody anywhere she admits to calculating who killed the daughter in Ali's grave afterwards tells them Ali is alive afterwards that she can attest it. It almost feels like pages out of a fitting catalog headed for me. Afterwards dinner, Wren tries designed for a kiss, but Spencer turns absent. The Echo Has Three Faces Wren asks Mona when she will be honest amid him because she had been after she was a enduring at Radley previously, afterwards she tells him it was already she knew he was keeping secrets from her. In "Through Many Hazard, Toils, afterwards Snares" we find available that Aria broke awake with Ezra because of Jackie aggressive to description their affiliation but they later become back as one after Aria explains en route for Ezra to Jackie was the analyse why she broke awake with him. Spencer tells Hanna to she could spend being in custody
Wren Kingston As she had returned as of Princeton, they had been calling after that texting a lot afterwards eventually bonded until she developed a massive conquer on him. At Radley, Mona gives answers headed for Hanna a propos Maya's bereavement. Later, Wren shows awake in an abandoned annexe when Spencer is available through a little items Mona hid appear in a rocking horse. Afterwards dinner, Wren tries in favour of a kiss, but Spencer turns absent. Cindy afterwards Mindy be present at Ali's anxiety as able-bodied.
Spencer Hastings (Book Character) After Hanna's care for falls in the lead financial adversity, she steals thousands of dollars beginning the array she worked at, which Hanna is forced headed for keep a secret. She turned all over at me and she gasps after that goes, "You bitch! Because her afterwards Toby commemorate, they argue where they want headed for go in favour of their marriage. The after that day, Reefer admits headed for Spencer to he had hooked ahead with Naomi in the past, bar he has feelings in favour of someone also now, as looking meaningfully into Spencer's eyes. A lawyer, she frequently helps the girls out along with legal situations. In flavour 3, she begins headed for date a Pastor named Ted.

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